10 Ways Gym Digital Signage Can Motivate Your Members

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Digital signs can maximize communications for numerous businesses, including gyms. Considering that around 50 percent of new members quit within the first six months, using digital signs to encourage your members can prevent your membership from declining raise retention rates, and also help your members accomplish their own personal goals.

This is only one use case for gyms, There are numerous communication points around the gym to push your members through their workout. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 ways you can motivate your members to reach their goals and keep them coming back to your gym each day.

Why is Gym Digital Signage Important?

The gym doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Everyone has their own personal reasons for going, but the main consensus is pushing oneself to get stronger.

Even though gyms seem like they are flourishing, especially during busy seasons like the beginning of the year and right before summer, gyms still need loyal clientele that attends year-long to reach retention rates.

To raise retention, members look for perks and amenities. Does your gym offer daycare or a pool? Do you offer state-of-the-art equipment and trainers to leverage the most of each workout?

Do your bathrooms come with showers and steam rooms? While your gyms may not have every option for your members, utilizing digital signage can check important boxes in signing up for membership. Here are some key selling points with gym digital signage:

Reinforce Brand Recognition

Fitness centers can reinforce brand recognition and improve loyalty using digital signage solutions. When utilizing content management software with your digital signage, you can create themes and templates according to your brand color further creating an aesthetic toward your brand.

Boutique gyms are very popular right now with people sporting brand names and colors as they attend the gym and outside. Reinforcing those brand colors through signage gets your members familiar with the brand and will create the gym aesthetic needed to boost your brand awareness.

Reassure Members

Gym members may not see any visible improvements after a month or so of joining a gym. That can discourage them from continuing their fitness journey, thus slowing down visits and dropping retention.

However, when the environment is enticing and engaging, customers will feel inclined to become a part of it. Digital signage can offer reassurance to keep going. Sometimes verbal conversations cant convey that. Digital signage ensures everyone gets that message.

Lastly, customers aren’t just taking a brand’s word at face value. They take their time to go online and check reviews from other customers to get an accurate picture. Notably, people don’t just rate a gym based solely on what it does to their bodies. Instead, they also review amenities like air conditioning, locker rooms, and the overall atmosphere.

Statistics show that 87% of gymgoers will continue their membership if the initial onboarding process is positive. Why not enhance your gym’s onboarding process using digital signage displays to motivate gymgoers?

10 Ways to Motivate Gym Members Using Digital Signs

The possibilities are endless regarding what you can display on your digital signs. However, if you want to use them to motivate your gym members, here are 10 ideas to get you started.

1. Display Current Workout Challenges

One way to motivate gym members and engage them more is by creating a workout challenge and displaying it on your digital signs. That could be something like who can do the most sit-ups in a day or run the most miles in a week. By displaying the challenge and its progress on your signs, you can get people more invested and excited about working out.

2. Show Members Progress toward Their Fitness Goals

If you have members working towards specific fitness goals, you can help them stay motivated by displaying their progress on your digital signs.

That could be things like how many pounds they have lost or how much closer they are to run a 5k. Seeing their progress displayed for everyone will help keep them motivated to continue working hard.

3. Post Inspirational Quotes or Messages

Another way to motivate gym members is by posting inspiring quotes or messages. These could be things like “You are capable of anything” or “The only way to see results is by putting in the work.” You can even display quotes directly from your social media feed.

4. Display Workout Tutorials

You can set up a playlist of videos on your digital signs that show members how to warm up properly, how to do specific exercises correctly (such as squats or push-ups), and how to use special gym equipment safely.

That information can help members try exercise routines or equipment that they may not have tried in the past.

Displaying pre-recorded workout programs is an excellent way to motivate gym members. It ensures the proper flow of exercises because viewers can see how to execute them properly.

Furthermore, you can use digital signage to help members track their progress, especially with workouts like High-Intensity Interval Workouts (HIITs), where every second counts. A digital display tracks the duration of the exercise and counts down the necessary time before moving to the next training in the playlist.

In this regard, digital signage used for workout tutorials can become a substitute when a trainer isn’t available for the sessions. Members can also participate in activities that don’t necessarily require a trainer to be present. That can provoke a more comfortable environment where members can organize and engage in group activities independently.

5. Promote Upcoming Events or Challenges

Another way to get members excited about working out is by promoting upcoming events or challenges on your digital signs. That could be a charity walk/run or a weight-loss competition. By getting people pumped up about these events, you can get them more engaged in their fitness journey. If you set up a custom kiosk, you could even provide members with an easy way to sign up right then and there.

6. Offer Tips and Advice

Undeniably, exercise is an excellent promoter of good health. However, being consistent with an exercise routine is not always easy. So, gym members could benefit from digital content that encourages them to keep up with their training. They also appreciate any help they can get to make their exercises yield better results.

If you want to help your members improve their workout routine, you can do so by offering tips or advice on your digital signs. Examples include “How to get over a workout plateau” or “5 ways to improve your cardio.” You can show this content as a video to make it as engaging as possible.

You may also consider displaying tips, suggestions, and guidelines to help them exercise properly. Nutritional information and advice would also be welcome to complement their workout efforts.

7. Share Success Stories

Another great way to motivate members is by sharing the success stories of other members on your digital signs. For example, you could spotlight someone who has lost a significant amount of body weight or who has managed to stick to their fitness routine for an extended period.

You can use your digital signs to congratulate them on hitting a new personal best or meeting specific milestones such as running 100 miles monthly.

By recognizing their accomplishments, you can help keep them motivated to continue working hard while showing other members that anything is possible with dedication and hard work.

8. Display Fun Facts About Fitness

If you want to educate your members while motivating them, you can do so by displaying fun facts about fitness on your digital signs.

For example, “Did you know that walking just 30 minutes a day can help improve your heart health?” By sharing such facts, you can help people see the importance of exercise and how it can positively impact their lives.

9. Display Information About New Fitness Classes or Personal Trainers

If your gym or studio offers new classes, such as a spin class, promote them on your digital signs. That is a great way to get people excited about trying something new and can help increase attendance.

You can also use your displays to showcase your gym’s trainers and encourage members to sign up for personal training courses.

10. Provoke Friendly Competition

If you have the resources and are willing, you can track gym membership data based on visits and exercise. Then, you can display a list of members who frequent the gym and those with the best results. The information can help you show the benefits of upgrading to a higher program, which can be an advantage to you and the members.

The list can provoke a sense of competition, and you can step in to spur friendly competition among the members. For example, you can include the distance traveled or the number of exercises completed.

That would motivate that gym member who works on his arms and skips his leg day to develop better gym attendance and engagement habits. Besides, it’s a fun way to engage members and get them to share on social media. That would open up an opportunity for you to employ social media strategies on digital signage.

Provide Workout Motivation Using Digital Signage

Setting up digital signs in your gym is a great way to provide your members with valuable information and motivate them to continue working out. Doing so can help make them more engaged and connected with your gym. Bost your engagement while customers achieve their goals with gym digital signage.

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