14 Healthcare Digital Signage Statistics [Infographic]

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2 min readFeb 28, 2018

The way patients interact with healthcare providers has changed.

As patients have become more accustomed to personalized technology that allows them to communicate effortlessly and immediately, they have come to expect the same level of interaction in other facets of their lives–including their healthcare.

Over 60 million Americans currently engage in online health-related activities, including searching for reviews of doctors, inquiring about health issues, or tracking fitness metrics. In one survey, 83 percent of patients reported spending a significant amount of time interacting with a hospital’s digital content, and 78 percent reported that they actively seek out digital health solutions when they are available.

Digital signage can promote additional services for doctor’s offices.

It’s apparent that hospitals and healthcare providers will need to adapt to this changing tech landscape in order to keep up with their patients evolving needs. Digital signage is a seamless means to bridge this gap.

With digital signage software for healthcare, doctors and hospitals can interact with patients like never before. Whether it is used for patient management, staff communications, facility maps, donor recognition, informational displays, hospital marketing, or just waiting room entertainment, digital displays give patients a communications channel that is familiar and easy to understand.

The infographic below further proves that the time to upgrade to digital messaging systems in the healthcare sector is now, and the capabilities of digital signage make the ROI well worth it:

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