15 Benefits of Using Google Slides

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6 min readOct 25, 2022

70% of employees agree their presentation skills are essential and a significant contributor to their success at the workplace. Presentations in the workplace may not be an activity you look forward to, but they are necessary. You can make presentations less overwhelming by creating a presentation with a reliable presentation tool like Google Slides.

Are you considering trying Google Slides but unsure if it’s worth learning how it works? For years, people have relied on Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations. However, Google Slides have begun gaining popularity over PowerPoint presentations. Google Slides offer unique features which are attractive to most users, giving it an advantage over other presentation applications. Here are 15 benefits of using Google Slides.

1. Slides Automatically Save

When using most presentation software, you need to occasionally press “Ctrl+S” to save your document. So, if you get engaged in preparing your presentation and forget to save it, you risk losing your entire document. Fortunately, with Google Slides, the slideshows automatically save the document after every edit. The autosave makes it convenient, especially if the lights go out when using a desktop. Thus, making it convenient, effective, and time-saving since you won’t need to redo the presentation if you lose the document.

2. Accessibility

Years ago, you might have needed to save your presentation on a thumb drive if a member couldn’t open a presentation on their computer. Google Slide presentation puts those inconveniences behind us. They’re highly accessible since the presentation is uploaded on the cloud, like your Google account.

3. Tracking Work in Group Presentation

One creative and beneficial use of Google Slides is its ability to track work on a presentation. Let’s say that your department has an important presentation before the entire company and multiple people need to add information to a presentation deck. Google Docs have a revision history section that highlights all changes to the presentation and who made them. Therefore, you and other people in your department can easily monitor, track and hold team members accountable when working on a collaborative project. This feature is great for corporate, hotels, healthcare and educational markets.

4. Real-Time Collaboration

The main advantage of using Google Slides is its real-time collaboration. You can create a template and work on it simultaneously with your colleagues at the same time. Some popular presentation applications, like Keynote, don’t offer these features or if they do provide real-time collaboration, they don’t match the efficiency.

5. Embedding Files

In most applications like excel or other presentation applications, embedding files is a real challenge. However, Google Slides make it easy since you only need to paste the link to the file, and it will seamlessly integrate into your templates.

6. Ideal for Use on Digital Signage

According to statistics, digital signage can help improve your brand by 31%. So, if you would like to leverage the power of digital signage, Google Slides offer a free option for you. Indeed, you can use the slideshow app that is easy to use to create content and manage it. Google Slides are effective for digital signage as they are flexible and work well with different settings and operating systems.

7. Easy Sharing

The easy sharing process in Google Slides is a great advantage. Google Slides are effective for sharing even large files with others. You can have the board, team members, or students copy the presentation on their Google Drive. Thus, they can easily follow through with the presentation as they take notes in the presentation area.

8. Google Slides Is FREE

Unlike most presentation tools in the market that need you to make payments to access premium features, Google Slides are free. All users can access premium features and unique advantages; thus, Google Slides offer unmatched flexibility. They make it an ideal presentation application for organizations and institutions like schools which may not be able to spend thousands on presentation software licenses.

9. Cloud Storage

84% of organizations rely on cloud backups since it’s more reliable. Google Slides are based on the web, and it saves your data in the cloud. Therefore, provided you have an internet connection and a browser, you can access your presentation anywhere. Cloud storage stores data on a server, so your data isn’t tied to your device. It also makes remote work easy as you can access files without moving to the office.

10. Offline Mode

When preparing a professional presentation, you need to ensure it’s at its best. You might need time off the internet to avoid distractions and focus entirely. Google Slides offer an offline mode where you can save your work and make edits even without an internet connection. Although some embedded elements may not work in offline mode, once you are back online, Google slides will sync and save the updates on your Drive.

11. Consistency

Have you ever downloaded a presentation program, used its presentation templates only to have the presentation appear different on the work or teacher station? Google Slides offer consistency in your presentation. Moreover, the fonts, videos, images, and animations are backed up on the cloud. Thus, they will appear similar to every computer, offering consistency for every user.

12. Web-Based Application

When working with most presentation applications, you will need to download the file format. Often, these download slowly down your computer. Luckily, Google Slides are an online web-based application, so you don’t need to download it.

As long as you have access to a web browser and a reliable internet connection, you can access Google Slides. You don’t have to worry about downloading or slow computer speeds after downloading files. Additionally, it doesn’t need any setup or heavy software to run as it’s ready to use. So, it doesn’t affect your computer’s processing power.

13. Cross Platforms Availability

Most presentation tools like PPT and LibreOffice have limitations on which platforms can be used with it. But, Google Slides offer flexibility, working well on different platforms and operating systems, including iOS. So, if you are using Windows and switch to Android or Mac tomorrow, Google Slides will still be available on the devices.

Besides, as a web-based tool, you won’t have to worry about importing your data or exporting it and changing its format. Additionally, since Google Slides templates are available on different devices and operating systems, it gives you an edge over other presentation software.

14. Compatible with Numerous Google Applications

Since Google owns Google Slides, the slides are compatible with other Google apps. You can effortlessly use Google Sheets, Animations, Charts, photos from Google Photos, and YouTube videos.

15. Encourages Teamwork

Like other G-Suite apps, Google Slides encourage teamwork through the real-time collaboration feature. Therefore, team members can work together on a document, enhancing collaborative spirit.

Google Slides: Presentations Made Easy

Like everything else, Google Slides, too, have its downsides. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Remember, your presentation templates and slides have the potential to change the game. The presentation program you use can make a boring presentation topic engaging and fascinating. Therefore, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing a flexible presentation application.

Selecting the best presentation application narrows down to your project demands and comfort. However, Google Slides remains a leading presentation application for beginners and pros alike. This software was designed to be easy to use to meet different needs. The numerous presentation templates and compatibility with other operating systems bring you one step closer to meeting your presentation goal. Don’t worry about carrying a flash drive as a backup since it’s reliable. Try it today to build effective presentations.

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