7 Ways Digital Signage Can Enhance the Customer Experience at Grocery Stores

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6 min readAug 2, 2022


According to research, digital signage attracts 76% of new customers, making them enter new stores they’ve never entered. Digital signage solutions have such a high potential for helping a business reach a new market. So, retail store owners must incorporate digital signage to enhance their customer experience strategy.

Undeniably, digital signage has exploded in recent years. For example, outdoor digital signage is typical in many grocery stores and chains. Marketers use it to increase brand visibility and deploy a customer-centric approach to marketing and creating happy customers. Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, grocery stores will still maintain their charm because of their convenience, which makes loyal customers.

How can grocery stores use digital signage to enhance customer experience? The starting point is understanding the importance of digital signage and its role in creating a great customer experience.

Why Is Digital Signage Important?

It’s challenging for many business owners to adapt to marketing initiatives with scalable solutions. Luckily, they can readily embrace digital signage to create a lasting and effective marketing strategy. Upon launching digital signage in their grocery stores, business owners can leverage the numerous benefits of digital signage to expand their horizons.

Digital signage is crucial because it:

Helps Maximize ROI with the Right Timing

With digital signage, a grocery store can deliver dynamic content at the right place in real-time. Opportunities are hard to come by, but with the right digital signage software, marketers can update their digital signs anytime. Fortunately, the changes happen within a short time, cutting down the costs and time for replacing static signs. Thus, it’s easy to create marketing campaigns and have them up and running in no time to maximize ROI.

Boost Sales with Upselling and Cross-Selling

Digital displays strategically positioned at the point of sale in a grocery store offer an incredible touch-point for upselling and cross-selling. For example, it’s easy to display content that promotes seasonal or best-selling products to entice shoppers to make an extra purchase. Consequently, impulse buying subtly boosts your sales.

Create Vendor Advertisement Spaces

A grocery store can use its digital signage systems to generate more revenue. That’s possible by converting the flat-screen advertising display into a business platform. For example, it can sell space to other grocers, car dealerships, or convenience stores on its video wall or simple TV displays. That way, more vendors can partner with the store to gain more exposure to potential customers.

How to Use Digital Signage to Enhance Customer Experience

Given the numerous benefits of digital signage for retail stores, you probably are wondering how to use it to enhance the customer experience. Here are some ideas to get you started and to help you address your customers’ pain points:

1. Use Digital Signage to Combine the Physical and Online Store Experience

You can integrate online e-commerce stores and offline physical stores by incorporating information to show online activities. Doing so enables your best customers to systemize the products and become active during store peaks. Besides, you could also optimize the latest posts on your social media feed and include them in digital signage. Correspondingly, you’ll make the store more parallel and likable to your buyer personas.

When trying to promote customer satisfaction, one thing you want to do is to eliminate long queues. Customers usually have the “get it now” mentality, and when that fails to happen, they get frustrated. They may leave your store without buying anything, increasing your customer churn rate. For convenience, you can install modern POS systems to help serve clients faster to increase your customer base and boost the employee experience.

2. Guide Customers to Where They Should Be

Your customers don’t want to lose their way in your grocery store. When you add wayfinding elements to your digital signage, you can effectively guide your customers to where you want them to be at any time. For example, you can direct them to various departments, events, or store promotions. Markedly, customers can take advantage of offers without word-of-mouth assistance from the customer support team.

3. Provide Entertainment to Keep Shoppers Happy

Digital signage in retail stores can be a source of entertainment for the shoppers, making the environment quite interactive. Unlike traditional static signs, digital signage can use animation and other customer interaction strategies to pass a message. Besides, incorporating 4K ultra-HD or high graphic resolution capability comes in the frontline of capturing the audience’s attention.

Similarly, digital signage near the check-out areas can help reduce the perceived wait times by approximately 35%. Well-designed and thought-out digital signage content entertains the customer shopping experience, increasing customer loyalty.

4. Use Digital Signage for Store Displays

Flyers and marketing pamphlets are limited in displaying new product pricing in a grocery store. With grocery store digital signage, you have a higher chance of attracting more sales and footfalls.

Whether you have incentives, new arrivals, brand endorsement, or brand values that you want to market, digital signage can streamline your brand message. In fact, you can make instant updates if you have the correct signage software. Thus, you avoid disappointing your customers with false hopes and creating negative experiences. Instead, you enhance the customer experience by identifying their needs and providing the necessary customer support, depending on the customer journey map.

5. Communicate in Case of Emergencies

The world isn’t out of the woods yet concerning the pandemic. While everyone is trying to get back to normalcy, there’s still a great need to take precautions while offering great customer service. For example, you still need to communicate the importance of social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing. Digital signage is an omnichannel that lets you pick just about any location to display the message conveniently. Likewise, you can create webinars to educate your audience on the steps to take in a sudden health emergency.

6. Digital Signage for Retail Storytelling

One effortless way to hook shoppers and enhance a good customer experience is to story-tell. The approach effectively strengthens the customer relationship to the point of purchase. That’s if you tap into their emotions and aspirations depending on their customer journey. Digital signage can enable you to deliver personalized experiences. For example, content automation can inform the product’s conception, production, and how it meets customer expectations.

7. Make Products More Available

A study by Accenture found that real-time product availability is a core metric that influences where 92% of consumers do their shopping. Digital displays are excellent platforms to catalog items and receive customer feedback on the peaks and troughs of specific items. You can take your strategy a notch higher by doing a countdown of the exclusive products you have left. Under those circumstances, you can subtly increase demand for the products.

Incorporating Grocery Digital Signage to Enhance Customer Experience

We can safely argue that digital signage is now more critical than ever for grocery stores in customer experience management. It goes a long way in creating positive customer experiences while increasing customer engagement. You can effectively meet the customer’s needs with some creativity and dedication to the strategy. However, no matter what you do, ensure you enhance the customer experience and not bombard your customers with unnecessary content. That way, you’ll increase the chances of customer success and customer retention.

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