How To Use Digital Signage To Get New Hires Fast

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6 min readApr 20, 2022

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “Total employment in the U.S. economy is projected to grow by 15.6 million during the 2012–2022 decade to reach 161 million.” As COVID numbers are decreasing and many employees are heading back to the office, many employers are looking to recruit new hires for their company. One of the ways of retaining top talents and making them more productive is through the use of digital signage.

Here are some ways you can use digital signage to get new hires fast.

1. Use Digital Communications at the Workplace

One of the ways to improve your onboarding process is by using digital communications at the workplace. Employee memos, bulletin boards, and announcements are some examples of traditional communication offices used in the past. Hence, digital communication borrows from these conventional methods.

Advancement in technology has led to the use of digital communications on devices such as video walls, digital signs, mobile phones, and tablets. With digital signage, you can not only notify people of open roles at your company, but you can also communicate real-time information to your existing employees. According to Zippia, 88% of businesses report that their best hires are referrals.” If you are properly communicating job openings on your signage, you will find potential candidates thanks to the employees in your office.

2. Notify New Hires about Your Company’s Culture

When new employees understand the inner workings of the company staff, they come to see themselves as valuable to your organization. This helps you experience a high turnover of employees. Actually, one way to do this is to notify them about the company’s goals and culture. You can also have the company’s mission and values displayed on digital signage posters.

Additionally, to make it easy to get to know their co-workers, you can give the recruits a tour of the company and introduce them to the team. What’s more, you can have the senior staff in the company highlighted on digital signboards. This will help them know who to turn to when they need assistance or during emergencies.

3. Recruit from Employee Referrals

The other way to get new hires fast is by recruiting from employee referrals. Don’t rely merely on job listings. This is a time-consuming way to find the right workforce. Typically, you should try an employee referral program. Actually, employee referrals are the best source of competent employees.

Referrals are more likely to become hired than potential recruits who apply from a job posting site. Therefore, start by creating an ideal candidate profile and mounting it on digital signage notice boards. This will help your employees recommend job seekers with the right qualifications and leads to faster hiring decisions.

4. Check-In on Your New Recruits

When a newcomer settles in, recruiters should check on them regularly to correct their mistakes and ensure they are on the right track. In fact, if your new hires are struggling, try to alleviate their challenges. Using digital signage for directions around the company and general instructions will help. For example, you can use digital signage to show new employees the location of key departments.

To retain your new professionals, it is crucial that you use pulse and employee engagement surveys. These will help you get feedback on how your new employees are holding up. Then, you can use the results of these surveys to improve new employee experiences.

5. Announce Awards and Accolades

Job seekers seek organizations that appreciate the efforts of their employees. By announcing awards and accolades on digital signage posts, you not only improve employee onboarding but also draw job seekers to your company.

In practice, you can use digital signage to announce company-wide achievements like hitting sales goals. These announcements can also acknowledge an employee’s accomplishments. For instance, recognitions like the “Employee of the Month” awards. Seeing the achievements of a company’s employees improves a job seeker’s morale to apply for a job in your company to advance their careers.

6. Display Safety Standards

Employees want to work in a safe environment. Generally, no recruit wants to enroll in a position where they are likely to file a workers’ compensation lawsuit for work-related injuries. One of the ways digital signage can help you get new hires fast is by displaying safety standards. This is especially crucial in loud work environments with heavy machinery and where workers can hardly hear public announcements on safety measures.

Remember, safety standards education is an ongoing process for every organization. It can be costly to constantly update safety standards by printing new brochures. Instead, displaying this information on digital signage that is easy to access at workstations is much more effective and cost-efficient.

You can easily update new information through digital displays, and you won’t have to hire a person to change the safety protocols or train your employees. As a result, your employees can refer to the digital displays for safety information they need to perform their jobs. If the employees have any queries, you can include the contact information of the appropriate personnel at the bottom of the digital screens.

7. Use Social Media on Digital Signage

The other way to get new hires fast is to incorporate social media platforms into digital signage. One statistic shows that employers who use social media to recruit job seekers experienced a 49% improvement in candidate quality.

The first step is to develop a strong social media recruiting strategy. Then, create a strong social media profile and publish informative videos. Also, participate in discussions with potential employees.

Social media platforms are a great place to execute effective onboarding. This may seem tedious, but it is ideal, especially if you want to hire millennials. In fact, Up to 79% of millennials search for employers with a good company culture before sending their applications. Therefore, use social media to convey your company’s culture. This will also help you identify the social media channels for the best employees.

To get started, publish job posts on LinkedIn, upload videos on YouTube to showcase employee testimonials, and tweet about company events and awards. Moreover, join online forums that deal with your niche. This will improve your chances of connecting with competent job seekers.

8. Create Positive Onboarding Experiences

Between the years 2020 and 2021, many job seekers claimed to turn down a job offer because of a poor candidate experience. Some reasons most of these candidates declined a job offer include a negative experience in the interview process, the benefits and salary didn’t meet their expectations, and the job descriptions were different from what they expected.

Therefore, you can improve your onboarding program by creating a great candidate experience. For instance, you should require interviewers to conduct great interviews. This means they should be respectful of candidates, ask appropriate questions, and provide a welcoming environment. Additionally, you can display the rules of interview processes on digital screens in the HR departments. This will ensure candidates feel confident about getting a positive experience.

The candidates’ interview experience also reflects your company’s brand. Actually, many candidates leave negative online reviews after a negative experience during the hiring process. This is why many job seekers will choose a company with positive online reviews because they associate this with a positive interview experience.

In Conclusion

Digital Signage: The Key To Getting New Hires

Digital signage is a great way to get new hires fast. Not only does it familiarize job seekers with the basic culture of your company, but it also promotes employee retention. Therefore, when job seekers are looking for employment, they want to work in a company that appreciates their talent and rewards them. Applying the above strategies will help you find raw talent for your company in 2022.

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