89 Digital Signage Statistics for 2020 [Infographic]

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2016. It has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness to include relevant digital signage statistics for 2020 and visual slides.

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Digital signage is a powerful visual communication tool that engages audiences, improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.

It enables businesses to streamline communication with their employees and customers which improves productivity and profits.

But how do we know that it works? What hard evidence is there to justify the implementation of digital signage? Increasing adoption rates and case studies tell us that digital signage is becoming popular, but this won’t be enough to convince your boss to approve the investment.

First, let’s look at the statistics and what they mean for different industries:

Corporate Statistics

Forward-thinking companies prioritize communication. Clear and engaging communication has a direct impact on engagement, which has a direct impact on productivity, which impacts the bottom line.

  1. 56% of internal communication teams are considering increasing the use of digital signage within their organization.
  2. 50% of communications professionals use digital signage as a channel.
  3. Digital signage helps in the workplace in employee recognition. Employees who feel appreciated are 60% more inspired to work harder.
  4. Digital signage enhances internal communication, which leads to 25% higher employee productivity.
  5. Companies that communicate effectively are 4x more likely to report high levels of employee engagement.
  6. Disengaged employees are 12x more likely to leave their job within the current year.
  7. Presentations that use visual aids are 43% more persuasive than those that don’t.
  8. 68% of US customer signage reflects the quality of business and its products.
  9. Over 25% of US companies place a high priority on “multichannel campaign management”, which includes digital signage campaigns.
  10. 47% of employees say they don’t know what their company’s core values are. Digital signage is the perfect tool for a modern workforce — letting everyone know what the organization’s values are.

Retail Statistics

The new retail buzzword is real-time retailing. It’s all about giving the customer what she wants, how she wants it and as close to when she wants it as possible.

Retail digital signage does this for brick and mortar stores. It allows customers to complete their shopping journey on their terms.

By making the technology a crucial part of the customer buying experience, retailers get:

  1. A 46% increase in customer satisfaction
  2. A 32.8% growth in repeat buyers
  3. A 31.8% upswing in overall sales volumes
  4. Customers spend 30% more time in stores

Restaurant Statistics

Restaurant digital signage gives restaurants the option to easily change their menu to improve comprehension which will improve the ordering process. It also provides a stimulating and engaging way to display and update the menu.

  1. 74% of customers in restaurants say an effective menu display is their top priority. Digital signage allows you to create different easy-to-read menu designs without the need for reprinting.
  2. They create an average increase of 3% in margin per transaction.
  3. Quick service restaurants using digital menu boards account for up to 20% of the digital signage industry.
  4. 29.5% of restaurant customers say digital menus are more likely to influence their purchase of a product.
  5. Nearly 30% of customers find digital menus influential for purchase of a product.
  6. 8 out of 10 viewers made an unplanned purchase of something promoted digitally in a restaurant setting.

Manufacturing Statistics

Workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths cost the US $170 billion annually. That’s a significant amount of money that can be invested back into businesses.

  1. Safety and health communications through channels like digital signage result in reductions of 20% or greater in their injury and illness rates.
  2. 93% of manufacturers use digital signage to audience experience when displaying their products in trade shows and exhibitions.
  3. Nine out of ten manufacturers use digital signage solutions to reinforce employee training and increase productivity.
  4. Digital signage improves workplace engagement by 22%, leading to 41% fewer quality defects.
  5. For every dollar invested in a meaningful safety solution, companies realize $4 — $6 in benefits.

So is the technology worth the effort? The digital signage statistics in the infographic below say yes.

Statistics that prove digital signage is a powerful engagement tool

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